Interest Advantage Syndicate Solutions

You want to buy property or invest in Real Estate but do not find the idea financially feasible- – Syndicated Purchases are a good solution. Get into the Real Estate market by pooling resources with a group of partners, spreading costs to make home ownership less concerning and more realistic. Your own personal ownership limits in the joint investment will be determined by what you contribute towards the overall purchase, just as with any investment. Each investor gets a designated bank account, to which all generated income is paid into.

More information:

You and your partners will enter a formal syndicate agreement, regulating and documenting your relationships with each other. This agreement also outlines what happens if events such as disagreements or retirements occur. If a member decides to realize their share in the investment, the remaining members can buy it out, or a new member may be added to the syndicate for the price of the share being realized.

Why partake in a Syndicated Purchase?

• To access loans normally unavailable to you

• Income through rental

• Equity in property for funding your retirement